Sax Player JayVe Montgomery Headlines an Evening of Avant-Garde Music at the BOP STOP

Wed 5/9 @ 7PM

Take an adventurous midweek musical trip at the BOP STOP when saxophone player/artist JayVe Montgomery performs in a show co-promoted with Cleveland’s New Ghosts which specializes in presenting avant-garde music. His bio says that, “His work interweaves time and consciousness. Listening to him play is to lose a sense both, and to engage deeply in both.” Joining him will be bassist Matthew Frerck and a stalwart of Cleveland’s experimental music scene, Bbob Drake on electronics.

We Three Qings, a trio consisting of Noa Even on sax, Dan Bruce on guitar and Anthony Taddeo on drums, will be bringing their own boundary-breaking music to the BOP STOP stage.

Admission is $15.


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