Walkabout Tremont Is All A-Bloom for April

Fri 4/13 @ 5-10PM

At the time we’re writing this, the weather forecast says it’s going to be 70 degrees and partly sunny on the day of April’s Walkabout Tremont. So “It’s Bloomin’ April” may turn out to be the perfect theme.

As usual, there will be food and drink specials at the various Tremont restaurants, bars and lounges, art openings and live music. Artist Lila Rose, who worked out of the Rob Hartshorn /Studio Gallery for a couple of years and has now moved on to Berlin (you can still see her work in the gallery) will be back there for a visit so come and say hello. If it really is that nice, there’ll probably be activities out in the street too.

Be sure to stop in the Tremont General Store to pick up your seeds, potting soil and any garden tools you need (along with a locally produced drink or snack).


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