PHOTOSTREAM: The Events of the Warren County Fair as Observed by a Young Astronaut, written and performed by Amy Schwabauer & Mike Geither

Fri 3/30

Table Top Theatre is something new. After clearing the dishes and inviting the artists to set up on their dining room table, the hosts invite not more than 25 guests.

Then Amy Schwabauer and Mike Geither of Toy Theatre Cleveland ask the hosts to pull the shades, they turn on a couple of flashlights they’ve scotch-taped to the table, and they start rummaging, with meticulously rehearsed timing, through a plastic bin containing all they need for their theatrical production: dolls, converted kitchen utensils, toys and tools.

The novelty and titters wear off quickly, giving way to complex characters a real plot, and a deep pathos.

They have been developing their latest intimate opus, The Events of the Warren County Fair as Observed by a Young Astronaut for 18 months, performing it over 45 times to audiences as small as five and as large as 30 across North America.

A tabletop festival in Toronto, in friends of friends’ homes, and sponsored by legitimate theatres. The play was directed by Karin Randoja, who they met in Toronto, and now they are on their way back to Canada for a summer residency in 2018.


View the PHOTOSTREAM here.

photos by Thomas Mulready

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