Cleveland Aquarium & Terrestrial Brewing Work to Save the Spotted Turtle

Thu 4/26 @ 4-6:30PM

Remember “Save the Whales”? It’s now time to “Save the Turtles.”

The spotted turtle, native to northeast Ohio, is threatened by loss of habitat, poor water quality, poaching and an increase in natural predators. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has declared it a “threatened species.” And the Greater Cleveland Aquarium has been working with the Wild4ever Foundation and other regional agencies to increase their numbers.

Now, oddly but encouragingly, Terrestrial Brewing Company in Gordon Square’s Battery Park has created a special beer called “I Love It When I Save the Turtles Porter,” described as a “chocolatey caramel and pecan porter with a hint of coffee,” inspired, obviously by the confection dubbed “turtle.”

They’ll be hosting a party to introduce the beer Thu 4/26 @ 4-6:30pm. The porter will be on tap now and then throughout the year and a dollar from each pint sold with go to the aquarium’s nonprofit arm, the Splash Fund for education, beach cleanup and a turtle headstarting program — birthing turtles in captivity and releasing them into the wild. (The aquarium is currently raising nine such turtles).

Greater Cleveland Aquarium Splash Fund


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