VIDEO: FireFish Festival 2017 Preview with James Levin


Fri 10/6 & Sat 10/7

You best believe him when James Levin opens his mouth to speak.

The same guy who founded Cleveland Public Theatre, started the Gordon Square Arts District, co-founded Ingenuity with yours truly, created the One World Festival, mounted the Wooster Jam at the College of Wooster, and spends his spare time running expungement clinics to clean the backgrounds of former criminals, is now in his third year of the FireFish Festival, transforming Lorain, Ohio with arts & culture.



Listen in as Levin describes the transformative power of art, as evidenced by his efforts at in Cleveland at W. 65th & Detroit and down at E. 4th Street, this time along Broadway Avenue in Downtown Lorain.

The community is ready to come alive on October 6 & 7, 2017 with musical stages, abandoned storefronts turned into art galleries, and interactive art exhibits, all capped off with a Symphony for a Thousand Voices, a pagan Steampunk parade, and the ritual burning of the FireFish.

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  1. Chuck Levin

    Terrific festival. It seems to have really caught the attention of people living in Lorain and surrounding communities.

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