Popular Music Controversies Dissected at Chautauqua-in-Chagrin Program


Tue 7/18 @ 6:30-8PM

Popular music has never been free of controversies. When teens danced to Benny Goodman in the ’30s, adults accused him of encouraging them to become sex-crazed animals. Elvis’ pelvis was the object of much derision and the Rolling Stones were told to change “Let’s Spend the Night Together” to Let’s Spend Some Time Together” for the Ed Sullivan Show.

The final program of the Chautauqua-in-Chagrin summer lecture series is titled “Popular Music Controversies and its Impact on Pop Culture,” and the hour-and-a-half program will only be able to skim the surface — you could go on all night!

Matthew Donahue of Bowling Green State University’s famed Department of Popular Culture will lead the program which will include a Q&A period following a run-down of some of the highlights of the history of panic over popular music’s deleterious effects. It takes place at Federated Church in downtown Chagrin Falls. Tickers are $16-$23 for adults, $5 for students 25 and younger because they NEED to know who is trying to corrupt them!

Order tickets at 440247-9700 or ChagrinArts.org.




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