Ingenuity Fest’s Fundraiser Bal Ingenieux Has a Watery Theme This Year

Sat 5/6 @ 7PM-1AM

As the Ingenuity Festival prepares to go into its lucky 13th year sometime this fall (dates haven’t been announced yet), it’s whetting people’s appetites for something fun, freewheeling, creative and artsy with its annual fundraiser, Bal Ingenieux, channeling the spirit of Cleveland’s bohemian Kokoon Arts Club in the early 20th century.

Performers and artists of all kinds help provide the ambience, and guests are invited to contribute too, by donning costumes and masks as fanciful as their imaginations can conceive. This year’s theme is Aquatique, so something with a water/nautical theme would be appropriate. Where did you leave that mermaid tail …

It takes place at the new Ingenuity location of the last two years at 54th and Hamilton. Tickets are $65 for general admission which includes an open bar, appetizer and live entertainment.

Ingenuity: Aquatique

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