VIDEO: Cleveland Guitars Kicks Off

Wed 4/5 @ 8 PM

A new concert series kicks off at Mahall’s with the solo guitar taking center stage. Showcasing the Cleveland area’s guitar talent, the Cleveland Guitars series will demonstrate the versatility of the instrument and each artist’s individual approach.

Galo Guitar

CoolCleveland’s Stephan Haluska met with Cleveland Guitars’ curator Rob Galo to discuss the series. Covering a wide range of styles, Cleveland Guitars Vol. I will feature three performers: bakemono (aka Sam Radford), Todd Masuda (Your Feckless Squares), and Rob Galo himself (Auten-Galo Duo, R & R, Pure Gold).

Galo gave us an exclusive demo of his prepared-guitar improvisations. Approaching the instrument as a sound making device, Galo foregoes the guitar pick in favor of such items as drum sticks, alligator clips, scrap metal, screw drivers and other hardware store tools.

Please note that there has been a lineup change.

Tickets are $5.

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