Wags4Kids Hosts The Mac ‘n’ Cheese Throwdown at Red Space


Sat 2/25 @noon

Cleveland are you ready for the ultimate Mac ‘n’ Cheese Throwdown? With 20 top restaurants competing for the tastiest spot, we the people get to vote in the yummiest choices!

This mouthwatering event is Sat 2/25 from noon-5pm at throwdown headquarters, Red Space.  The organization behind all the cheesiness is W.A.G.S. 4 Kids, a nonprofit dedicated to providing mobility service and autism service animals, and meeting the specific needs of children with disabilities in Northeast Ohio. Aside from the best mac in town, the savory cheese factor will be enriched with music from a Cheesy DJ, cheap booze (beer and cocktail specials) and a bunch of other delights that will make for an ultra-appetizing afternoon.

“As an organization, we are always looking for new fun ways to bring the community together,” exudes Sera Nelson, director of development and special events. “We never want people to feel like they’re going to a fundraiser. Kindness and philanthropy should feel as natural as breathing. We were looking to bring a new flavor to Cleveland, something to shake the winter blues and get everyone out to play in a fun and family-friendly way. My friends are endlessly inspirational to me and, thanks to an amazing and tireless volunteer board of directors, a cheesy idea from a girls’ night session last fall is now coming to fruition in just a few days!”

The restaurant line-up is delectable: Pier W, the Driftwood Group, Trentina, Melt, Rover Dog Cafe, Yuzu, Metropolitan at the 9, Harry Buffalo and more.

“This is seriously the stuff my inner fat-kid dreams of and cheat days were created for,” acknowledges Sera. “Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes; my curves happen to be macaroni shaped!” she says. “We have 20 really awesome local chefs throwing down and I have been drooling over their submissions for months now…I’m ready to eat! I’m also super excited to see who wins. Our judges and our attendees have a hard choice ahead of them.”

The judges are famously known for their own tasty talents and delectable delights.

“Rachel Hunt, the contributing dining editor for Scene Magazine, is both edgy and insightful. Dante Boscuzzi is one of the titans on the Cleveland food scene, and Anna Harvouis is seriously the queen of clean eating,” says Sera. “We are flattered to have all three and their different perspectives. It’s going to make for a really well-rounded judging panel. With the judges tasting blind, we will really see without bias who is the best in The Land.”

Taste 10 different macs for $25. Taste all 20 for $40. Ticket includes all-day entry to event with cheesy DJ and one vote. Drink tickets will be available for purchase.

“It’s a mac-tastic day where we have found a way to do something fresh and fun for and with our community. That’s what I love about Cleveland. They love their food, they love their booze, they love their teams, and they love their people. On Saturday February 25, we get to do three out of four. I’ll be the girl in the Cavs t-shirt…what can I say? I’m a perfectionist.”

Mac & Cheese Throwdown

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