Volunteers Needed at Chateau Hough Vineyards for Grape Harvest


Sat 9/17  @ early!

Calling all volunteers!

It’s that time of year again: Time to harvest our red grapes at Château Hough. We’ll harvest our white grapes on the following weekend. So this Saturday, come rain or shine, the red grapes will be at the peak of perfection so we can’t put off picking them.

This year we’re going to de-stem the grapes inside the BioCellar and begin the fermenting process on site. So if you have an aversion to getting wet you can work inside the BioCellar.

We’ll start at daybreak or thereabouts (since that’s when the grapes are their sweetest) and should be finished by noon — if we get enough volunteers. So bring the kids and the dogs (if you have one) and come out for a picking and crushing goodtime.

There will be some sort of prize for the best pickers — humm, I wonder what those will be?

See you at 1650 E. 66th Street (1 block north of Chester Ave.), early Saturday morning. Call Mansfield at 216.469.0124 if you have any questions.


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