KIDS: Talespinner Children’s Theatre presents Irish-Inspired ‘Finn McCool’


Sat 9/19 – Sun 10/11

Sean and Siobhan are the only children in Farffetchedtown who don’t have a story to tell. While riding their bikes to school, they run into a great teller of tales on his way to the Ancient Festival of Storytellers. He tells them the tale of Finn McCool, the greatest giant in all of Ireland! Afraid of absolutely nothing, he is. Well, except for maybe one “wee little thing” — Cuchullin, the greatest giant in all of Scotland!..

Seriously, how could this not be a good show?! There’s giants, leprechauns and an epic battle… and it’s a production of Talespinner Children’s Theatre, and they never disappoint. Take the kids and be delighted with this tale of Irish mythology.

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