VIDEO: A Mural Grows in Slavic Village with @ArtsInspiredCAL


Artist Melinda Placko, working with the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning at the Fullerton School in Slavic Village, supervises the creation of a mural in the school’s gym.

While CAL’s programs using arts tied to curriculum usually take place in the classroom, Ms. Placko was able to take a few moments to talk with Cool Cleveland as she worked with the students and their parents, donning smocks and working on the mural to spell out the word “Fullerton.” View the video here.

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One Response to “VIDEO: A Mural Grows in Slavic Village with @ArtsInspiredCAL”

  1. Joyce Hoffer

    Thomas: Here’s wishing you lots of cultural opportunities in 2014 and a VERY Happy and Healthy New Year!! I have been in bed with a bad
    cold all week long, and didn’t have the chance to investigate the opportunities for people who do not celebrate Christmas to be helpful
    to those who DO celebrate, but are less fortunate. I particularly wanted to take my 7 and 8 year old granddaughters some place where
    we might be helpful in some way. Although I went online at the last minute, I was unable to find a place/organization that could
    use adults as well as children. I am wondering if NEXT YEAR, you could make a list on COOL Cleveland, so that others could join us
    and serve the community and its fine organizations on Christmas Day, and even on Thanksgiving or New Year’s Day?
    Thanks, Joyce Hoffer, who met you at the theater during the year and has been a COOL Cleveland fan ever since!

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