Ohio City Provisions


Trevor Clatterbuck and Adam Lambert opened Ohio City Provisions at the end of November 2016, just in time for the holidays. The sleek little boutique operation describes itself as “half grocer, half butcher shop.” And indeed it does cater to carnivores with its cut-to-order operation visible in back like an open kitchen, preparing a variety of pastured-raised meats including pork, rabbit, lamb, venison, goat and more. And like everything else in the store, it’s sourced from farms within a 75-mile radius that use no hormones or antibiotics.

But us vegetarians don’t have to go back there. Walk in the front entrance and you’ll spot a pile of crusty breads and bins of fresh produce. Walk back a little further and find dairy products, bags of whole grains and beans, honey, nuts, maple syrup and other similar products. Everything in the store is organic and non-GMO and much of it comes the Wholesome Valley Farm in Wilmot, Ohio which Clatterbuck has partnered with in his Fresh Fork Market CSA.

3208 Lorain



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