Derek Hess Gallery



Derek Hess was one of the earliest artists to work in the 78th Street Studios and his manager, Marty Geramita, ran one of the building’s earliest galleries, 1300, right before the building became the hottest art spot in Cleveland. It became a little hotter when the two have returned to 78th Street in August 2015 to open the Derek Hess Gallery.

Here you can see powerful drawings in the style Hess honed designing flyers and posters for the underground rock shows he booked before stretching his wings into fine art. You can also order his old poster art and other work from the digital catalogue in the gallery, as well as purchase his originals. Hess and Geramita will also be showing work by other artists with an underground, “street” sensibility in tune with Hess’s own.

1300 W. 78th Street, 2nd floor

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