Rock Hall Archives’ Film & Video Preservation Day Will Digitize Your Local Music Home Movie

Sat 7/7 @ noon-5PM

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library & Archives has a project called NEOsound, which has been collecting material relating to the northeast Ohio music scene — recordings, tapes, photos, magazines, set lists, press kits and more.

There are a fair number of photos floating around, even prior to the days of digital when literally everybody is taking photos at concerts with their phone. But film and video are harder to come by. Even 8mm or 16mm home cameras weren’t ideal for shooting in clubs and concerts with their low lighting levels.

But if you did happen to borrow dad’s camera and take some footage of that local band at the Agora, the Pirate’s Cove, the Phantasy or the Corral, they’d love to see it, copy it and preserve it. That’s why they’re holding a Film & Video Preservation Day at the Library & Archives on the Tri-C Metro Campus. They’re digitize your film and possible add it to their permanent collection. They’re looking for local acts, national acts at local venues and music events of historical interest filmed by northeast Ohioans. (You didn’t think to bring that film camera to Woodstock, did you?) You can reserve a time to come in to avoid a wait by calling 216-515-1993or emailing or

Anyone who brings in film will get a discount ticket offer to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, a USB Drive with a digital file of their film or video and the Library & Archives’ zine Preservation: 88 Lines Sbout 44 Techniques. They’ll also get an invitation to Home Movie Day at the Rock Hall Sat 10/20 when clips from the films collected will be shown in a compilation film.


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