Harris Stanton Gallery Akron Shows Work of Artist Who Uses Akron Landscapes as Raw Material

Thu 6/7 @ 5:30-8PM

The next exhibit at Harris Stanton Gallery’s Akron outpost is a pop-up show featuring the work of Nathan Prebonick, a graduate of the University of Akron’s Myers School of Art who’s currently working for his MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design.

The work in the show looks at landscapes in transition, based on historic Akron sites.

He says of the work, “I began shaping a world in terms of accumulated residues, hazy atmospheres and symbolic replacements. Now working with a flatter, more geometric language my paintings came to deal with compressed spaces, like relief sculptures. Forms appear to function tectonically and topographically, shifting, stacking and interlocking. In these paintings I employ forms evocative of sensations; projecting, receding, sliding, to give visual form to a mental decision making process. These mental and physical landscapes represent cross sections of time, or compressed experiences. They explore how ways of seeing relate to ways of thinking, challenging the viewer to establish a sense of place in a shifting world; a place in both space and time.”

The show opens with a public reception Thu 6/7 will be on view through Sat 6/30.




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