The Blossom Festival Band Performs Its Annual “Salute to America”

Tue 7/3 & Wed 7/4 @ 8PM

What’s that I hear? Yes, it’s the pomp- and cannon-filled strains of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, written in 1880 to commemorate Russia’s 1812 defense of the Motherland against Napoleon’s army. It’s become a Fourth of July concert staple, which maybe, finally, makes sense, now that American foreign policy is focused on serving the interests of Russia rather than its own.

Of COURSE it’s on the program tonight and tomorrow as the Blossom Festival Band, conducted as always by Loras John Schissel, performs its annual “Salute to America” at Blossom Music Center. The entire program is predictable — some things you just don’t tamper with — but always falls on eager ears: those Sousa marches, those triumphant or sentimental Broadway tunes, and an Armed Forces salute. If the weather cooperates there will be fireworks after each concert.

Tickets range from $25-$55.


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