Cleveland History Center Benefit “Satin & Soot” Takes Guests Back to the 1870s

Sat 1/27 @ 6-11PM

Each year the Cleveland History Center transports guests back in time for its annual Somewhere in Time benefit, choosing a different period for each year’s party.

This year it’s the 1870s, when Cleveland was still working its way toward 100,000 residents, for a party entitled “Satin and Soot.” We should be glad that we can now pick and choose from only the best elements of that era when Cleveland was racked with poverty, crime, filth and disease, as a result of much more primitive conditions than we enjoy now. Just as so-called “steampunk” polishes up the Victorian era, retaining some of its darkness without its daunting challenges.

Guests can come dressed as the tycoons of Millionaire’s Row, the high society debs and dowagers that reigned over elegant parties or even an intrepid working class immigrant who started with a pushcart and eventually founded a business that became a household name.

The event includes food, drink, dance and music performances, a silent auction and a costume contest, all bearing themes from long-gone local establishments. Tickets range from $50-$150. Go here to order.


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