Local Trio the Commonwealth Expands for @GrogShop Gig

Sat 12/14 @ 10:30PM

The Grog Shop has a busy day today. Musicians will be bumping into each other going in and out.

The kids from the School of Rock have a performance at 4:30pm. Classical Revolution totes their violins in for a 7:30pm show.

Then, at the late hour of 10:30pm, the rockers roll in. The show starts with Cleveland’s Oldboy, roots rockers par excellence. And it closes with the Commonwealth, a four-year-old trio with three albums out including this year’s Urban Soul on locally based Cellar Door Records.

The Commonwealth produces a lot of sound for a two-guitar/drums three-piece, a sound that’s both haunting and moody and intensely punchy. Guitarist Nick Burke makes effective use of the old Jimmy Page violin-bow trick. And for this show, they’re planning to pull in a couple of extra musicians to add trumpet, percussion, and bass.

Admission is $5.




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