VIDEO: Meet Photographer Elisa Vietri

Meet Photographer Elisa Vietri

View Her Work at CC Event Fri 7/29

When Elisa Vietri moved to Cleveland and crossed over the Hope Memorial Bridge 15 years ago, she beheld the city and said to herself, “This is my home.” She’s been making photographs of C-town ever since, and now Cool Cleveland and Travel Art are proud to present her first one-woman show, with an opening on Fri 7/29 at Beck Cafe starting at 6PM.


Watch the interview as she talks about how she began appreciating photography at a young age, and how she uses a digital camera and her iPhone to make images that define her unique perspective of Cleveland. If you’ve seen Cool Cleveland in the past six months, you’ve seen Elisa’s work. The opening will feature Elisa’s work, a selections of wines and cheeses.

Watch the interview here.

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