Rebecca Cross Makes Visual Music with her Art at HEDGE Gallery

Wed 3/13 @ 5PM

Fri 3/15 @ 5-8PM

Music is a source of inspiration for Cleveland artist Rebecca Cross. And in her new show Mapping the Sensorial, opening at HEDGE Gallery, she’s created what she called experimental “scores,” created by waves of manipulated, dyed and embroidered silk with crescendos and diminuendos that mimic music.

She sews her fabric onto foamcore wooden surfaces which she has drawn and painted on. She has also created a large-scale silk and stone installation which will be used in a live dance performance.

“I’ve lived my entire life among artists, musicians, and dancers, and have always been inspired by musical metaphors,” says Cross. “I was first trained as a bel canto singer, and my husband, the composer Randy Coleman, wrote music that I performed in Oberlin, Cleveland and Baltimore. We devised unusual programs of modern art music for piano and voice, that we performed together internationally.”

Her husband’s scores will also be part of the exhibition. And on April 12 and April 26, performers invited by Cross will respond to her work as “composer collaborators,” deciding how to play her visual “scores.”

There’ll be a free public preview on Wednesday March 13; the official opening takes place March 15 during Third Friday.

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