Melanin Market Brings Together Black Creators and Entrepreneurs

Sun 2/18 @ 11AM

What on earth is a “Melanin Market”? For those of you that aren’t hip to such things, melanin is the pigment that gives your body color, and the more you have the darker you will be. And the upcoming Cleveland Melanin Market, taking place at the Madison in Midtown, will feature an array of Black-owned businesses offering a wide range of products and services, including jewelry, clothing and accessories, art, food and drink. If you’ve been an any area makers markets, such as the Cleveland Bazaars, or festivals such as Ingenuity or FreshFest, you’ve probably already sampled the range of outstanding offerings from this area’s Black entrepreneurs. Here they’ll all be in one place for an afternoon of celebration, which includes live music.

Snag tickets here.


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