Author Talks About His Book on Mushrooms at Loganberry Books

Fri 2/16 @ 7PM

Mushrooms are so fascinating! They can be deadly, but they are also touted as the secret to good health and to saving the environment. They’ve intrigued artists with their multitude of sizes, shapes, patterns and colors. And avant-garde composer John Cage was a serious amateur mycologist (mushroom expert) whom I once heard talk about mushrooms as a “musical composer” at Chicago’s Ravinia Festival.

Professional mycologist Britt Bunyard, who founded and serves as publisher and editor in chief of Fungi magazine, has packed all kinds of mushroom information into his latest book The Lives of Fungi: A Natural History of Our Planet’s Decomposers. You’ll learn how they cure up infections, spice up food and contribute to the ecosystem as you droll over the photos of these wonders of nature that exist in their own category, neither animal not vegetable.

Bunyard will be at Loganberry Books to talk about mushrooms and sign his book. You can also reserve a signed copy if you can’t make the talk. Go here.


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