IngenuityLabs Chases Away the Winter Blues with Its Flannel & Finery Party

Fri 12/1 @ 7PM

IngenuityLabs is throwing a holiday party and you’re invited. It’s called Flannel & Finery, which is clue to the dress code: not very strict. Wear something comfortable but dress it up with creative accessories. And if you forgot to do that, never mind, because ingeneers Jacci and Jen will be set up to help you make your own brooches and bolos.

That’s what makes this party/fundraisers different from most. Sure, many of them have great, locally sourced food and drink, and so will this one, with charcuterie from Boards by Ashley, a variety of hot soups and cocktails by Cassie of Moon Bunny Libations. And most of them have music although maybe not the sort of experimental music harpist Stephan Haluska and stand-up bassist Max Hyde-Perry will be playing, along with the Baker’s dozen and DJ SayWord.

But others don’t have so many hands-on opportunities to make stuff, the essence of IngenuityLabs and its big annual fall Ingenuity festival. There’ll be demonstrations by the team and opportunities to try some things out yourself, things like soldering and welding and metal stamping, and come home with a souvenir you made yourself.

For tickets go to flannel-finery-holiday-party.

Cleveland, OH 44114

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