Enjoy an Evening of Painting and Sound Art at Abattoir Gallery

Painting by Matthew Kolodziej

Wed 3/29 @ 6-8PM

Currently, Abattoir fine art gallery in the Hildebrandt Building in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood has a six-artist group show called Headspace: a painting show.

It features the work of six artists, of whom two are already familiar to area art lovers. Northeast Ohio painter Matthew Kolodziej has been showing his detailed abstract aerial landscapes since the late 80s, while Scott Olsen, who is based in Kent, had a show at the Transformer Station in 2017 and was part of the first FRONT Triennial in 2018. The others will likely be less familiar to most: New York-based Georgia Elrod; Eleanor Conover, originally from Connecticut but now based in Pennsylvania Cincinnati-based Emil Robinson; and Fox Hysen, who currently teaches in Boston.

You can check out their work, and as a bonus enjoy an evening of music when the gallery presents a concert with Cleveland/Los Angeles composer/artist John Wiese and Andrew Cappetta. Starting at 7pm Wiese will offer a multichannel sound piece. Andrew Cappetta, an educator, writer, curator and researcher in the histories of sound and media experimentation in the arts, will presumably add commentary.

The evening kicks off at 6pm so you’ll have plenty of time to contemplate the art work.



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