When Michael Symon closed his acclaimed flagship restaurant Lola on East 4th Street in late 2020, foodies were saddened  — but not for long. The space was claimed by Andrew Watts and Vinnie Cimeno, who both formerly worked on the street at Greenhouse Tavern (among other places) for their new restaurant Cordelia. It opened in July, 2022 following a redesign of the space to offer what they call “modern grandma” cuisine.

That means a seasonal menu featuring fresh ingredients crafted into food that’s comfortably familiar but jazzed up a little. The exact menu varies from night to night, but features the categories “Pantry snacks, relish trays,” “breads, things,” “eat your veggies!” and “from our butcher,” which might include fried chicken, pork belly, a cabbage & potato combo, “clambake toast” or a warm olive snack. Of course, there’s a wine/beer/spirits menu as well.

2058 East 4th Street



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