Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights Lay Out Threats to Women & Doctors

Thu 9/22 @ 7PM

Since the U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade on June 24, stripping American women of their guaranteed human rights and bodily autonomy, the extent of the consequences and the impact on women and their doctors, even in cases of wanted pregnancies, has become clear. With threats of criminal liability, huge fines, prison time and in the case of doctors, loss of their licenses, medical professionals and hospitals have been reluctant to offer life-saving care to women with pregnancies gone wrong, making anti-choice states literally too dangerous to get pregnant in. Rightwing politicians have said that children who have been raped by a relative have been presented with an “opportunity” that will “work out well for her.” (Extensive studies have shown that it rarely does.) Ohio has joined the race to the bottom, to make life miserable and dangerous for women of child-bearing age.

Join a panel from Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights, a newly formed grassroots, physician-led organization devoting to advocating for comprehensive and threat-free reproductive medical care, for a Zoom panel on “Practicing medicine in Post-Roe Ohio: Impact on Physicians and their patients.” They’ll lay out the horrible ramifications of abortion bans and how their impact extends far beyond those seeking abortions.

Go here to register for the free event.

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  1. I am a medical doctor runnng for Ohio State Senate in district 27. I support reproductive rights, my opponent sponsored the 6 week ban in the Ohio Senate. I would love to talk with the group. I did sign. Up to be a member of the group

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