B.A. Sweetie Candy Warehouse

B.A. Sweetie Candy Warehouse calls itself the largest candy company in North America, and if you visit you’ll have no reason to doubt this claim. It’s packed with sweets of all kinds, ranging from bulk candies to childhood favorites from every generation: Pez, Tootsie Rolls, salt water taffy, you name it! It’s even acquired the iconic Humphrey Popcorn Company which provided popcorn balls at Euclid Beach Amusement Park.

But there’s more! The place is a virtual entertainment center where a family can pass several hours. There are 250 types of glass-bottle pure cane sugar soda pop, toy truck and miniature amusement park displays, sugar-free candies, a nostalgic toy department, an ice cream parlor with soft serve custard, yogurt and ice cream, malts, shakes, sundaes and more, and even an adjoining “Golfland Park,” open from May through October.

6770 Brookpark Road, Cleveland



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