Cleveland Public Theatre Pushes Boundaries with its New Immersive Production

Wed 5/11-Sat 5/21

If it’s traditional theater you’re looking for, with a linear narrative script and well-defined, consistent characters, don’t go to Cleveland Public Theatre to see its new production, Candlelight Hypothesis Workshop.

Directed, produced and created by CPT’s artistic director Raymond Bobgan in conjunction with the Cleveland COPE Ensemble, the fact that it’s described as “unlike anything you’ve ever seen” should be a clue. Audience/participants in this immersive experience are admitted in small groups at regular intervals, with the performance repeating during the evening; you can stay for one cycle or for the entire evening to “curate your own experience.”

What happens? Hard to tell. They describe it as “part museum, part haunted house, part workshop,” where “guests witness scenes, monologues, dance, and music in this bold, multilayered performance” that “weaves together threads of a mythical world where origami may come to life, moths can journey to a star, and the candle flame may be a doorway to a magical realm.” To gain more clarity, you’ll just have to go!

Performances take place Wednesday-Saturday and Monday @ 7pm, and Sunday May 15 @ 3pm in the James Levin Theatre. All tickets are “pay what you want.”


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