Plan Ahead for Events-Packed BorderLight International Theatre + Fringe Festival in late July

Wed 7/24-Sat 7/27

One of the most frustrating things about the excessive attention and resources poured into Cleveland’s sports teams is the comparatively modest amount paid to its thriving arts community.

In the last decade in particular, northeast Ohio has seen an explosion of arts activities, with new organizations, new ensembles, growth and new programs from established ensembles and organizations, new galleries and new festivals showcasing the arts.

Last year saw the debut of FRONT International triennial. In the upcoming months, two new arts-related festivals will debut: the Cleveland Photography Festival in the fall (more about that next week) and, in just a few weeks, the BorderLight International Theatre + Fringe Festival, presented by Char and Chuck Fowlerwhich runs Wed 7/24-Sat 7/27. It compresses more than 100 performances and other events into a four-day time frame, taking place at 11 locations in downtown Cleveland.

At least 100 performers will be coming to Cleveland from across the U.S. and Canada, as well as countries such as Syria, Israel, South Africa, South Korea, Mexico and Ireland. They’ll be rubbing shoulders and performing along with some of Cleveland’s most talented and adventurous performing artists and ensembles such as Maelstrom Collaborative Arts, Cleveland Public Theatre, Playwrights Local, Powerful Long Ladder and Pinch & Squeal’s WizBang!, all presenting at the Fringe Festival. Some events are free, while ticketed events are $30 or less. All Fringe Festival tickets are modest $12 and group discounts are available.

With so much happening in such a short amount of time, you’ll need to plan ahead to catch all the thins you want to see, and not be going “Oh darn — I forgot this was happening.” Here’s a video sneak peek.

Make up your personal calendar now! We’ll offer more details in coming weeks.


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