Winter Wonder Days Take Over Great Lakes Science Center

Wed 12/26-Sun 12/30

What makes a family outing worthwhile? If your answer is valuable time spent together, participating in exciting and interesting activities together, then Winter Wonder Days is for you! Trade in some of your kids’ screen time for family time and start a new tradition by exploring the hands-on activities, programs and demonstration at the Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC). Guests of all ages will enjoy seeing the explosive results of the experiments in the CryoBlast Big Science Show, and discovering what happens when extremes of hot and cold meet in the Fire and Ice Big Science Show.

“This year we’ve added a really fun design and build challenge, inspired by the popular video game Fortnite,” says Joe Yachanin, director of communications. “Guests can build a fort and then test its strength by blasting it with “snowballs.” We’ve also added a fun activity based on what makes a snow globe work, and of course we’re bringing back the balloon drop for New Year’s Eve Eve Sunday December 30th, plus all the fun winter-themed big science shows.”

Dive in to the full complement of hands-on fun, including Water WonderLAB, where you explore the hidden science in the wonderful world of water, and learn about the important work being done to preserve and protect our Great Lake. Gather your friends and family for an engineering design challenge inspired by the popular game Fortnite, or take a spin around the carpet rink on carpet skates. Plus, the special New Year’s Eve Eve celebration balloon drop at 2:19pm on Sunday (12/30) is back and better than ever.

“I’m definitely the most excited about doing our first balloon drop on our newly remodeled promenade level,” says Joe. “In the past, our main escalators took up a lot of space. We recently remodeled the entire promenade level and replaced the escalators with a more compact staircase, which really opens up the view of the lake and the floor plan for these special events. The balloon drop for New Year’s Eve Eve will be extra special this year because of it.”

Winter Wonder Days is also the perfect opportunity to check out Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body, running now through January 6th. Your holiday crew will enjoy finding answers to all the stinky, slimy, oozy and crusty questions they might have about the human body. Burps, belches and boogers have never been so much fun!

“A family membership to Great Lakes Science Center is a great value that pays for itself in less than two visits. Members receive free admission every day we’re open, so the main advantage during a special event like Winter Wonder Days is that they can take their time and enjoy all the special themed activities and shows and not feel rushed to see the rest of the museum as well, because they can come back for free any time,” explains Joe. “Members also enjoy discounts on parking in our attached garage, and in our café and Science Store.”

Here’s further detail on Winter Wonder Days activities and exhibits:

CryoBlast Big Science Show: Experiment with extreme temperature, sometimes with explosive results, in this really “cool” demonstration.

Fire and Ice Big Science Show: Things heat up when you put the sizzle in science. Explore fire and ice, and see what happens when you mix the two extremes.

Water WonderLAB: Explore the hidden science in the wonderful world of water and learn about the important work being done to preserve and protect our Great Lake.

Fortnite: Snowball Battle: Take the 2-D world of this popular game into the three-dimensional. Gather your friends and family to design and build a fort or other structure and then test its durability with a snowball battle.

Carpet Skating: Warm up by strapping on a pair of “fun skates” and take a spin around the carpet rink.

Snow Globe Science: Wander through the world of snow globes and experiment with the chemistry that makes these spheres so much fun. Explore why snow falls so slowly or why the snow doesn’t melt in a snow globe.

New Year’s Eve Eve Celebration: Ring in the New Year a little early with special programming, which includes dancing in the snow, indoor winter games and a countdown to our annual balloon drop.

With this wintry mix of science and fun, there’s a very strong chance of making family memories in the forecast over your winter break. Parking is easy and convenient in the covered garage, attached to the Science Center. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult during their visit to the Science Center. All Winter Wonder Days activities are included with the general price of admission.

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