The Grog Shop Says “Thank You” With Four Days of Free, Local Music Shows

Thu 1/4-Sat 1/6 @ 8PM

Sun 1/7 @ 7:30PM

The Grog Shop has established a tradition in recent years that local music lovers should pay attention to.

For four nights during the sleepy days of early January, it hosts a series of free evenings with four local bands on each, some of them fairly well known from their copious local club gigs, others who will be new to most listeners. Take a chance, and even if you don’t know any of the names, check them out and you might find a new favorite.

On Thu 1/4 hear Old Souls, Bitchseat, Curtail and Shade. On Fri 1/5 you can check out Hamilton Handshake (pictured), Dark Water Rebellion, White Buffalo Woman and All Is Harvest. The lineup on Sat 1/6 features one of the better known acts playing, on-again, off-again post-punk ensemble This Moment in Black History who have been around more than a decade. They’re joined by Fringe Candidate, Bloody Show and Pig Flayer. Finally, Sunday night’s show takes the volume down a bit with more folkie-leaning indie-style acts to take you gently into the new week, including Bro Dylan, the Lovelies, the Liar’s Revival and Lezandzay.


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