* 78th Street Studios



78th Street Studios

The former home of American Greetings’ design department has become one of the hottest encampments in the region. Art lovers from all around are drawn to this sprawling warehouse with its vast windows and brilliant light.

78th Street Studios has quickly become the largest art and design complex in Northeast Ohio, featuring over 170,000 square feet of design showcases, art galleries, artist and design studios, and creative spaces, all under one roof on four floors, with new spaces opening seemingly every month.

Every Third Friday from 5-9PM, the place overflows with one of Cleveland’s best-attended art walks, a multi-sensory maze with each venue throwing open their doors to the accompaniment of ambient music, fun food and pop-up vendors. The event attracts thousands of visitors and is spilling over to the restaurants, bars and boutiques of nearby Gordon Square.


In addition, the smARTspace at 78th, a funky but chic 6,000-square-foot multipurpose space in the heart of the building, is jamming with parties, benefits, weddings and special exhibits.

All venues in 78th Street Studios are open Fridays 11AM-4PM and every third Friday from 5-9PM.



Cleveland, OH 44102

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  1. Gallery+

    Located on the first floor of the 78th Street Studios in unit #109, Gallery+ is a group gallery featuring the thought-provoking sculpture of Leslie Edwards Humez, the feline and floral still lifes of Diane Hoeptner, the infrared photographs and experimental photography of Zack Hoon, the vibrant water color cityscapes of Ted Lawson, and the figurative paintings of Tricia Kaman, as well as new work from guest artists each month. Beginning in 2016, Gallery+ will also be offering a complete calendar of programs including: readings, lectures, workshops and classes. Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with all of our events: http://www.facebook.com/galleryplus109/.

  2. Christine Malen

    Visited this warehouse of epic art expressing the cynical
    and serene feelings abounding from the studios, even on a
    MONDAY when most of studios were closed. but we welcomed by the few that were there. How culturally rich
    and nurturing can a city be??!!! Cleveland rocks in many
    ways, but especially in the development of it’s artists!

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