VIDEO: @_PinchandSqueal Intrigue Us With @IngenuityFest’s Bal Ingénieux

Sat 5/3 @ 6:00pm

Magic, Mystery and Romance! Attend Ingenuity Cleveland’s “Bal Ingénieux” and celebrate as if you were in one of the Kakoon Arts Club parties from the early 20th century, with a little 21st century twist. The event will be held at The Slovenian National Home, and boy are tickets selling fast. The costume party will be filled with vaudeville circus performances, burlesque, music, dance and mayhem, and all of the money raise will go to support Ingenuity Fest.

CoolCleveland Correspondent Marty Bielat met up with the hosts for Bal Ingénieux’s evening: Pinch and Squeal. Bielat caught the last couple of minutes of their set at Nano Brew after the Cleveland Tweed Ride, and they were hilarious! After their performance, the three got together and discussed some details on Bal Ingénieux. Their energy and fun came shining through in this video, and it made us all excited to attend the event.

Thanks Pinch and Squeal for giving us the inside scoop on what to expect at Bal Ingénieux. It certainly sounds like one of those nights where anything could happen, and those are just the kind of nights CoolCleveland loves. Your corny jokes and brighting smiles really got the crowd going at Nano Brew and we can’t wait to see how you top your act hosting for the evening. Stay tuned to CoolCleveland for more updates on Bal Ingénieux, Ingenuity Cleveland and other fun events happening in the 216. Break a leg guys!

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