Skidmark Garage


Can’t get to sleep worrying that your motorcycle isn’t running quite right? Head down to Skidmark Garage — open from 10am every day but Sunday when it opens at noon and until midnight Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday  — and get to work. Skidmark provides the work area, the equipment and all the tools and parts you might need, as well as helpful assistance should you run into any snags. It’s a full-service space for cycle enthusiasts offering work bay rentals, bike pickup and tow, bike storage and even bikes for sale. Best of all, you’ll be part of a community of people with the same passion.

Originally located in the Hamilton Collaborative (home of Ingenuity Labs, among other creative businesses), it moved around the corner in November 2021 in order to expand its space.

4808 Hamilton



Cleveland, OH 44114


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