Landmark Park – A Solution for W. 117th’s Fifth Church?

Neighbors in Action has a proposal for the doomed Fifth Church of Christ Scientist — turn that area into a park. Not just any park — a “multifunctional green space” that will incorporate the current structure’s magnificent portico, along with other ornamental elements, into the landscape.

The plan is in contrast to the Carnegie Companies’ “Shoppes on Clifton” plan that opens the lot to chain stores and a parking lot.

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One Response to “Landmark Park – A Solution for W. 117th’s Fifth Church?”

  1. Tom Schock

    The park is a great opportunity to save a significant portion of this historic structure. The portico is beautiful and includes excellent stone carvings that are too expensive to duplicate in modern buildings. The park could be created relatively inexpensively since the City already owns the site and the existing portico is well preserved. Vandalism would not be a problem at this highly visible corner. The park would be an attractive Gateway to the Edgewater neighborhood and could be used for outdoor performances, a farmers market, and informal meeting area. This quality intimate park will attract new residents and add to the vitality of Cleveland!

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