Upcycle Parts Shop


The idea for the Upcycle Parts Shop in the St. Clair/Superior neighborhood grew out of artist/entrepreneur Nicole McGee’s pop-up shops and events, which featured art made by local artists using “upcycled” materials. The shop sells cast-off materials from industrial and residential waste streams — leftover tiles from remodeling projects, mismatched buttons, hunks of wallpaper, leftover bottles and other containers — that could stir someone’s creativity.

Upcycle Parts also has a crafting bar where visitors can come and work on projects and classes and workshops for those who need a little guidance. The crafting bar can also be rented for birthday parties. In early 2024, it took over the adjoining space on the corner, giving it room for multiple crafting tables and better organization of its expansive stock. Be sure to visit the basement where you can fill a shopping back with cast-off materials cheap!

6419 St. Clair



Cleveland, OH 44103

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