KLEZMER GUY: Rust Belt Chic

By Bert Stratton

I’m a coastal elite. That’s not easy, living in Cleveland.  But I manage it.

Rust Belt chic-ness is a challenge. My dad was not a Cleveland cop who got killed in a car accident right after attending an Indians game.  That, unfortunately, happened to Richey Piiparinen’s dad.  Richey is the co-editor of  the recently published Rust Belt Chic anthology.  (My dad was a landlord  who died in the Cleveland Clinic of leukemia.)

I told Richie I like his anthology because it is so lunch bucket — so blue-collar.  I said, “It’s all about booze, Browns and broads.”

He said, “That’s good!”

My problem:

1. Booze . . .  I’ve had a couple Great Lakes Christmas Ales.  No more than 10.  But I’m 100-percent behind Great Lakes Brewing and heavy drinking!

2. Broads?  In 1976 I met a girl at the Last Moving Picture Company downtown. She’s probably near-dead by now, or dead, from too much beer.

3. Browns? Bring back Jimmy Brown.  And what happened to Blanton Collier?

I do like Cleveland’s  monolithic gray skies. I want to be Rust Belt chic. I live here! Not there.

Footnote: Another good Rust Belt book is Mike Polk Jr.’s  Damn Right I’m from Cleveland. Also about booze, Browns and broads.


[Illustration by Ralph Solonitz]

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