My Friends

The thing everyone knows about My Friends on the Cleveland/Lakewood border is that it’s open around the clock, making it a regular stop for a variety of off-the-grid people. And although 24-hour food is generally not known for its quality, the food at My Friends is quite good. They don’t try anything adventurous or fancy. What you’ll find is an extensive menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner comfort foods, available whenever you need comfort the most.

There’s practically nothing on the menu you won’t be familiar with — a lot of classic American favorites, some Italian, some Asian, even a little Middle Eastern. Prices, of course, are reasonable. Even among the dinner entrees (which comes with sides) you won’t find anything over $15. Beer and wine are available, along with free WiFi, making My Friends a home away from home for night owls.


Cleveland, OH 44102


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