Volume III//Believeland Cellar Door Records

Volume III//Believeland
Cellar Door Records

Cellar Door Records has done you a favor compiling a one-album-Cleveland-smorgasbord of music, ridden with some of Cleveland’s best. The sixth release from the local record label, Volume III//Believeland features 13 local acts, ranging from the guitar-picking folk of Tom Evanchuck to the indie pop of The Modern Electric.

Other artists included are those whom Cleveland has come to know well — Joshua Jesty, Keith Vance, Justin Markert and Doug Ivancic. The mellow indie folk of Tinamou and Humble Home rounds out the compilation, bringing honest songs and an organic touch. Female-fronted Diamonds & Pearls adds indie rock to the mix, boasting Zooey Deschanel-esque vocals and a polished sound. Lastly are David Beans and his ambient tunes, as well as an acoustic Rob Geer, Moonshake, E. React, and Bridget Davis. To put it simply, this is a very eclectic compilation, and you will not be disappointed in what Cleveland is doing in music.

Volume III//Believeland will be released Fri 3/18 at the Grog Shop. In order to fully announce the release, there will be celebratory performances by featured bands Joshua Jesty, Humble Home, Rob Geer, and the Frozen Hellsicles. Cellar Door Records is asking $10 to get in this 8PM show and all attendees receive a copy of the album.

I don’t know your plans for Friday night, but regardless of your location, consider checking out this album. A true reflection of what you can find in Cleveland, it will not disappoint.

For more info visit http://CellarDoorRecords.com.

Laurie Wanninger is a Cleveland convert, having lived in Pittsburgh for 20 years. After attending John Carroll University, she was sold on the city and now lives, works and breathes Cleveland. Spare time is spent DJing Music for Your Laundry List at WJCU 88.7, bicycling, going to local concerts and dreaming of microbrews and National Parks.

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