Dear Ed Hauser

Dear Ed Hauser,

I realize you’re no longer within reach of the USPS, but I’m positive you were kayaking through the clouds over Whiskey Island last Thursday night. Had you been on the ground (or on the water) with the rest of us, you’d have been so proud!

You fought hard to keep Whiskey Island for your city’s inhabitants to use for their enjoyment, and last Thursday was the perfect night for such enjoyment. The weather was gorgeous – not too hot, only a gentle breeze, blue skies with fleecy white clouds passing slowly overhead – almost as though they wanted to enjoy the sights as much as the earthlings.

Boats were busily going in and out of the Marina, The Sunset Grille was really cranking, as was the DJ, and on the grassy areas nearby, folks were playing cornhole. Adults and kids of all ages were laughing and having fun. There were lots of dogs, too, but they just watched: alert, sniffing the delicious aromas wafting by from the laden plates carried by the efficient, friendly wait-staff. There were an amazing amount of young people, and not just singles either. Nope, lots of baby strollers, complete with babies! Toddlers, too, with watchful mommies and daddies enjoying their surroundings.

The Coast Guard Station isn’t doing so well–we could use a little boost with that, if you’re able to pull any strings from where you are now, but the Towpath extension is slowly moving toward completion.

It would never have happened had it not been for you, Ed. Thank you again, from a grateful city. They named the roadway after you – Ed Hauser Way, the signs say, as they direct folks to Wendy Park and the other expanses of the Island.

I know I miss you, and I’m surely not the only one. If only we had a few more hundred dreamers just like you were! You’ve earned your rest. But still, thanks again!

Kelly Ferjutz
Cleveland, Ohio

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  1. Glenn Campbell

    Thanks for writing this, Kelly. And no, you are not the only one who misses Ed and recognizes his inestimable legacy–both in the tangible Whiskey Island he protected for us and the example with which he inspires us.

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