Happy Dog Program Takes on Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

Wed 3/6 @ 7:30PM

In the U.S. the number of pedestrian and cyclist fatalities on our roads has been growing, a situation driven home to many Clevelanders when beloved chocolate entrepreneur Cassandra Fear was killed in December as a pedestrian on Cleveland’s west side. Studies have shown that while pedestrian deaths are declining in Europe, they’re increasing in the U.S. And 2013 was one of the deadliest years for cyclists in the U.S. Many reasons for this situation have been proposed, including vehicle size, cell phone use and street design, while here in Cleveland, the nonprofit Bike Cleveland has been advocating for safer streets for more than a decade. That advocacy has helped lead to the city of Cleveland’s Vision Zero Action Plan to redesign make thoroughfares to be safe for all, not just cars.

The City Club and the Happy Dog will present a program this issue when it hosts Happy Dog Takes on Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety. Panelists include Bike Cleveland’s executive director Jacob VanSickle, Cleveland’s Senior Strategist for Transit and Mobility Calley Mersmann, and Angie Schmitt, founder of 3MPH Planning and Consulting and a longtime voice for a more holistic approach to transportation. The forum with be hosted by avid cyclist Deidre McPherson from the Assembly for the Arts.

The program is free and open to all (it takes place at the Happy Dog). It will also be livestreamed. If you have questions tweet them to @TheCityClub or text 330-541-5794.


Cleveland, OH 44102

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