Walk All Over Waterloo Features Dayglo Art, Quilts and the New Issue of CAN Journal

Fri 3/1 @ 6-9PM

There are several significant events happening this month during the monthly Walk All Over Waterloo arts event.

One is the opening of the annual DayGlo Show at Waterloo Arts, featuring art created by more than fifty, mostly local, artists with paint donated by the Cleveland-based DayGlo company. As you enter the darkened gallery, you’ll pick up a pair of those special glasses that enable you to see the designs that pop out under black light. They’re promising mural painting, crafts, music, light refreshments and “glowing drinks” for purchase at the bar at the family-friendly opening reception.

This year’s theme is ‘How does your garden grow?” so expect to see lots of renditions of plant life. And every Saturday and Saturday throughout the run of the show from noon-4pm Eric Anthony Berdis will be conducting free drop-in bug-crafting workshops.

Be sure also to stop by Framed Gallery for the release of the new issue of CAN Journal. You can meet some of their staff, some local artists and pick up a free copy of the spring issue. It’s open to all.

Also be sure to stroll up to Praxis Fiber Workshop’s gallery, which will be open from 6-8pm, to see their ongoing show of work by the Cleveland-based African-Americans Quilt and Doll Guild, whose members produce intricate quilted and embroidered works that range from abstract designs to pointed social/political statements and loving depictions of Black life.

Cleveland, OH 44110

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