Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Welcomes Two More Baby Tigers

This is the type of news that excites us animal lovers, particularly ailurophiles (cat lovers)!

For the second time in three years, a pair of Amur tiger cubs has been born at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. You may recall our excitement when two cubs, Luka and Anya, were born in December 2020 to mother Zoya and father Hector, making their debut at the zoo’s Rosebrough Tiger Passage in April 2021. We tried to see them but they must have been asleep (cats)!

Zoya and Hector have been busy again, because on November 6 they gave birth to two more babies. The zoo doesn’t yet know their genders; they expect to be able to examine them in early January.

Right now, they’re just hanging out with mom. “The first few days after birth are a critical time for bonding between mom and cubs,” says the Zoo.

You’ll be able to see them in the spring. In the meantime, you can watch them mom and babies on this tigercam video the Zoo posted.


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