Cleveland-Based Flamenco Company Performs at Akron Civic Theater

Sat 8/6 @ 8PM

Probably no one associates flamenco dancing with northeast Ohio and it’s unlikely to ever become one of the area’s most prominent cultural assets. But the area attracts people from many cultures who bring their own distinctive contributions.

Alice Blumenthal is a flamenco dancer who founded ABREPASO, a flamenco music and dance nonprofit based in northeast Ohio, of which she’s currently the artistic director, in 2016. She’s studied in Spain and toured and guested with numerous dance companies as well as taught dance at Berlin and Tri-C. She returned to Cleveland from New York, she says, to look for a more specifically American way of interpreting this Spanish music & dance form and tell new stories with it.

Marija Temo, a Baldwin Wallace graduate and currently guitar chair at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, is a flamenco musician known for providing the musical aspect — both vocal and guitar — of flamenco. She’s also a former dancer.

The two will be spotlighted when ABREPASO performs at the Akron Civic Theatre’s Knight Stage. Go here for tickets.

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