Local Jazz & Classical Groups Present New Collaborative Work at BOP STOP

Sun 9/19 @ 7PM

Classical music and jazz met many times during the 20th with pop composers such as George Gershwin drawing on both, and classical musicians such as Leonard Bernstein inspired by jazz. We continue to see that fusion today in the music of artists such as Wynton Marsalis.

So it’s not unprecedented to see two local organizations, the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra and the Cleveland Composers Guild, collaborating. Both organizations have engaged in numerous such partnerships during their long histories (35 years for CJO, more than 50 for CCG). Now they’ve put together eight new pieces they call “3rd Stream” compositions, written by members of both groups. They’ll perform them live and via livestream at the BOP STOP.

Tickets to be in the building are $20, It’s free to listen on the BOP STOP’s Facebook page, although donations are appreciated and can be made here.



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