Akron Soul Train Installation Looks at Poverty Impacts & Resilience

Wed 9/8-Sat 10/23

Wed 9/29 @ 7PM

Artist/educator/performance poet Ephraim Nehemiah is a Kent State graduate in Pan-African studies, currently based in Baltimore, whose bio says their work isin the Black cultural lineage of griots who are dedicated to using truth to document and critique the world around them.” It was featured at SPACES last year in a show titled Samaritan’s Burden, which looked at inner-city poverty and wealth distribution.

Nehemiah’s new show, an interactive installation called Out of No Way, opens this week at the Akron Soul Train CapSoul gallery, amplifying the theme of the SPACES show with a look at the impacts of poverty and survivors’ resilience. It features objects and original poems about the artist’s own experiences with racism. He says the show’s title was “inspired by the Black American expression, ‘Making a way out of no way,’ a statement that illuminates the endurance and creativity of our existence.”

In addition to the show at Akron Soul Train, Nehemiah will be doing a fundraiser to help those who collaborated on his project, an open mic taking place at Jilly’s Music Room Wednesday September 29. Doors open at 7; suggested donation is $10. Come participate or just listen.




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