Talespinner Children’s Theatre Debuts Outdoor Summer Traveling Show

Thu 6/10 @ 7PM

Sat 6/12 @ 10:30AM

Sun 6/13 @ 2PM

Virtual theater is especially difficult for kids, with their limited attention spans and excess energy. Talespinner Children’s Theatre, Cleveland’s professional kids’ theater, engages them with multi-disciplinary performances that incorporate an array of visuals as well as dance, movement, music, sound effects and direct audience interaction. That’s hard to bring to your home computer.

This week you won’t have to settle for that anymore. Talespinner is bringing its travelling summer outdoor production, The Kid from Kittlerumpit, live to several locations around town.

Its productions are typically based myths, legends and fairytales from cultures around the world and this one’s no different. It takes place on Scotland’s Shetland Islands and involves a child named Mack in the town of Kittlerumpit, setting out in search for a creature called Whuppity Stoorie who turns parents into farm animals.

See it at the Dudley Triangle at 2083 W. 73rd Street on Thursday June 10 @ 7pm; at Wade Oval in University Circle Saturday June 12 @ 10:30am and at the Franklin Reading Garden, 6501 Franklin Boulevard, Sunday June 13 @ 2pm. It’s free.

Get more information here.


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