City Club Hosts Senator to Talk About How Big Dark Money Impacts Federal Judiciary

Fri 6/11 @12:30PM

U.S. Senator from Rhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse may look like just another old white dude in Congress but he kicks some serious ass, especially on environment issues. For nearly a decade, he delivered a weekly speech on the Senate floor called “Time to Wake Up,” highlighting different climate issues.

He’s also joined with Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow and New York Senator Chuck Schumer to study the impact of the successful effort of many decades by the right to refashion the federal judiciary into a far-right, ideologically driven institution unreflective of the vast majority of the country — or the Constitution.

That report, titled “Captured Courts: The GOP’s Big Money Assault on the Constitution, our Independent Judiciary, and the Rule of Law” details the role of big dark money in pushing often lightly qualified nominees based solely on their ideology. Whitehouse will be joining City Club CEO Dan Moultrop for a live steamed discussion of how this is happening and its impact on how government functions in the U.S.

It’s free to listen. Go here. If you have question, you can tweet them to @TheCityClub or text 330.541.5794.



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