County Exec Armond Budish Talks About “State of the County”

Thu 5/20 @ noon

If you mention the state of the county to a lot of Cuyahoga residents, they’re likely to offer a sneering response. That unfortunately may be many people’s reaction on hearing that county executive Armond Bush will be doing his annual State of the County address virtually through the City Club of Cleveland.

With City Club CEO Dan Moultrop moderating, Budish will be talking about what the county has done to address a situation beyond its control — the pandemic — talking about vaccine distribution, declining cases and the return of in-person school. He’ll undoubtedly share how the county has provided relief for residents and support for small businesses during the shutdown, and how he sees the county recovering. Maybe he’ll talk about the long-awaited opening of the new mental health diversion center to deal with people in crisis outside of law enforcement. Sure, there’s a lot that needs to be fixed, but there’s some good as well.

To listen to the event, go to You can tweet your questions to @TheCityClub or text 330-541-5794.





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